Appetizers with raw prosciutto: 5 ideas for Christmas

Every self-respecting Christmas lunch starts with a canapé of delicious appetizers to nibble on between conversations. And raw prosciutto, as you know, is the king of appetizers. A few soft slices of prosciutto and a little creativity are all that is needed to create appetizers that would credit a gourmet restaurant. As Christmas approaches, here are 5 ideas to surprise your guests.


Selecting prosciutto: the visual aspect

According to a survey by Eurispes and Coldiretti in 2015, consumers are increasingly attentive to food quality. More than 80% carefully check the labelling and almost 50% prefer PDO, DOC or PGI products. The same research also underlines that there is still a lot to be done on food education, especially among the young. At Faleria Prosciuttificio, we scrupulously comply with European directives on food labelling (Regulation 1169/2011) and believe we must contribute to raising consumer awareness of food beyond the legal obligations.


Baked rolls with prosciutto, asparagus and cheese

Raw prosciutto can also be used in delicious recipes for finger food, first courses and main courses. That's why we thought of Le Ricette di Faleria, where we propose the recipes we love the most, telling you how to prepare them and what type of prosciutto to use. Today we start with baked rolls with prosciutto, asparagus and cheese. These are an easy and quick dish to prepare that can be a hot appetizer or a main course.


The pig trail and Marche meat making tradition

In Marche region, the history of prosciutto is intertwined with the peasant tradition of "pista" and "salata", i.e. slaughtering and processing a pig. In the Marche countryside almost all families raised pigs to make cold cuts for eating at home or for sale.


Faleria Prosciuttoficio stars at the TuttoFood fair

Prosciuttificio Faleria flies to Milan to take part in Tuttofood, the international agri-food fair from Sunday 3 to Wednesday 6 May. With more than 2500 exhibitors in about 180,000m2, the fair is one of the largest in Europe and a coveted showcase for the main sector of the Expo. All the most famous producers of the Italian food industry will be in Milan, divided into the leading made in Italy sectors of food and beverage.