From Marche region, the excellence of Italian raw prosciutto

Founded in the 1980s in the hills of Marche, Faleria Prosciuttificio brings high quality and prestigious artisan prosciuttos to Italian tables.

We carefully select the best Italian meats, process them according to ancient Marche traditions and let the prosciuttos mature for the time they need, helped by a good climate and clean air. We use only top quality natural spices, with no added preservatives, to obtain a genuine prosciutto, healthy and rich in flavour. Just as in the past.

Our base is in the Marche region, in the heart of Italy, where we produce over 260,000 prosciuttos a year. Faleria in Falerone, among the inland hills of Fermo province, and Monti Azzurri in San Ginesio, at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains.

Tradition and innovation: how Faleria prosciutto is made

Both production facilities are equipped with innovative refrigeration systems.

Ventilation systems constantly circulate air inside the premises to create the ideal conditions for perfectly ageing the prosciutto while preserving the organoleptic properties.

The mild and dry climate, with rich aromas from the mountains and hills, give each slice of prosciutto a genuine taste of authenticity.

Quality Certifications

Faleria Prosciuttificio is a company certified under UNI EN ISO 22000 and complies with HACCP standard self-control regulations.